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Killaloe’s Lua Festival

    08 – 10 September 2023

    Killaloe’s Lua Festival art exhibition, held in the inspiring setting of a cathedral in the twin towns of Killaloe and Ballina, celebrated the profound connection between these two towns and the shimmering waters of Lough Derg.

    The festival itself is a testament to the unique relationship these towns share with water. They are bound together by an ancient bridge that spans the river Shannon, creating a connection that goes beyond mere geography.

    Trish Taylor Thompson, the driving force behind this exceptional art exhibition, played a pivotal role in curating this showcase. Collaborating seamlessly with Waterways Ireland, Clare County Council, and Creative Ireland, her efforts brought together 84 artists to celebrate art and water.

    As I looked around at the other pieces displayed by the 84 participating artists, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of camaraderie. We had all come together to celebrate a shared theme, each of us interpreting it in our unique ways. Conversations with fellow artists and festival-goers revealed the diverse ways in which water touches our lives.

    Inside the cathedral, with its history and solemn beauty, my artwork found its place among a sea of creativity. The space itself seemed to breathe life into the art, adding a spiritual dimension to the festival’s celebration of water. It was as if the very walls were whispering secrets of the river and the towns that had grown alongside it.

    The moment when I learned that my artwork had been sold almost immediately was a mixture of pride and gratitude. To think that “Reflections” had found a new home, that it had resonated with someone in such a way as to become a part of their life, was a deeply humbling experience. It reinforced my belief in the power of art to connect people and evoke emotions.

    The Killaloe’s Lua Festival art exhibition was more than just a display of art; it was a celebration of nature’s beauty and the unbreakable bond between the twin towns and their lifeline, the river Shannon. It was an honor to be part of this event and to share my vision of “Reflections” with a community that truly understands the value of water, both in its calm surface and its hidden depths.

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