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Beltane Triskelion – Painting

    This artwork was inspired from the mystic feelings sensed at a Celtic Fire Celebration happening on Beltane at the Hill of Uisneach in Ireland.

    The origins of Uisneach lie far beyond recorded history.
    As the centuries progressed, the great fire became the catalyst for the Beltane Fire Celebration Festival; an annual fair and gathering of people of all creeds that continued to early modern times.

    This painting depicts a Triskelion on fire, a Celtic Symbol usually associated with Personal Growth that is a recurrent element at the festival.
    It is said to be the oldest symbol of spirituality, so strong that made its way to us from the Neolithic era.

    Original Painting

    Mediumacrylic on recycled canvas
    Dimensions40 x 40 cm (without frame)
    Availabilitysold in a private collection
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