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Irish Puffin – Saltee Islands – Painting

    Irish Puffin Painting

    Lovely day at the Saltee Islands in the south of Ireland. There’s where I patiently waited for this cute little bird to come to the nest.
    Finally landed on the edge of the cliff, after a fishing trip to the ocean, to provide for the chick.

    Every summer puffins return to the same nest with the same mate to raise a single chick.
    They don’t nest on a tree. Their nest is a hole they dig on the cliff: a home with a stunning view of the ocean.

    This painting is for this Puffin. To capture this very moment before entering the nest to deliver the food.

    Original Painting

    Mediumacrylic on recycled canvas
    Dimensions60 x 60 cm (frame excluded)
    69 x 69 cm (frame included)
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